About the brand.

Alpha Gypsy is an international luxury fashion accessories brand.
Founded in 2012 and by Lilach Avissar – The brand Textile Artist, and now sold by dozens of high end fashion boutiques and gifts shop throughout Asia, Europe and North America.

The brand channel the its core values throughout its colorful rich designs:
Love, Freedom, Creation, Fulfillment, Happiness, Individuality and Noble Spirit.

Alpha Gypsy’s must-have luxury statement accessories aimed for the boho chic/urban edgy women. In each and every design, an endless amount of creativity, intellect and love is invested, which makes the designs stand out as timeless and above trends fashion items.

The vibrant designs – a mix of original patterns + collages + drawings – will guarantee to spice up any look or outfit.

The scarves are printed using cutting-edge high-definition digital printers, on luxurious Indian Silk, Cotton and Wool processed in a traditional Indian manner.
Thus creating an amazingly luxurious touch and feel to the scarves while
maintaining a worldwide praised level of high quality.

Enter the unique Queendom of Alpha Gypsy…

About the designer.

Alpha Gypsy brand’s spirit and identity is expressed through the brand’s detailed, colorful artwork.
Digitally printed on luxurious fabrics, each scarf design is an original creation from our studio that comprises rich assemblages of handmade collage, original illustration, unique cut-out art, stamping and special paper-handling techniques.
The brand’s founder, Lilach Avissar, has been drawing and making art from early childhood.
She had a successful career in the international fashion industry as a graphic/textile artist. Worked, lived and been inspired from the Chinese, American and European fashion markets.

Alpha Gypsy was founded as an independent, luxury Boho-Chic accessory brand.
A major part of its aesthetic identity circles back to Lilach, who grew up and currently works in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Tel Aviv is a beautiful and complex international city alive with the Middle East’s vivid colors, scents of desert and sea, and a wide variety of rich historic architecture and spiritual locations.
Its geographical location overlooks and absorbs European, Asian and Middle Eastern cultural influences and offers a strong merger of east and west, rich history and spiritual life.

These geographical and cultural elements find fascinating expression in Alpha Gypsy’s designs. Their collages and elaborate illustrations are the perfect outlets for Lilach’s unique personal environment and her professional experience in the fashion and lifestyle industry.

Alpha Gypsy’s hectic, colorful; mad-scientist-lab-like studio is a very unique work space. It is filled with a wide collection of vintage papers archive – collected from all parts of the world, inks, stamps, charcoal, glues, special pigments markers and pencils, all of which are used to create one-of-a-kind art works.

The designs finds daily inspiration in beloved elements such:
great biographies, fashion, coffee-love, tangerines, good conversations, books, metropolitan beats, the web, rain, art, scents, textile, flowers, fabrics, dogs, typography, chocolate, travelling…
The list goes on and on, but it can be summed up in the simple brand spirit equation:
Alpha waves + Gypsy spirit.